About Us
Our Story

Foqus Capital was founded in 2012 in Singapore. We are a loan broker providing SMEs in Singapore with sound business finance consultancy services.

As at the end of 2021, there are about 280,000 SMEs in Singapore. These SMEs accounts for 70% of employment and make up 99% of all enterprises. We aim to assists our clients to make better financial decisions and manage their cashflow by providing a one-stop business financing solution.

Our strength lies in our broad understanding of what business owners need and strong relationship with banks, financial institutions and alternative lenders, giving our clients a suite of financing options depending on their needs and situation. We are a paneled agent with the major banks, financial institutions and lender, giving our clients access to multiple finding solutions trough a single point of contact.

We aim to assist our clients make informed choices by presenting all the different financing options available to them, evaluating the pros and cons, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Why Choose Us?

Currently, with so many banks and financial institution launching countless new products, it can be daunting for SME owners to find the most suitable financing option for them. We seek to make the process easy by cutting through the tech jargon, by presenting these options in a language understandable for the uninitiated.

Sourcing for financing can be a time-consuming process. Most SME owners do not have the time to go through the process, as their valuable time as a business owner will be better spent on finding more business deals out there. By leveraging on our skills and network, SME owners will be able to get financing quicker.

You can be ensured that your documents that you entrust to us will be handled in a proper manner. We respect the wishes of our clients and will act on good faith and to the interest of all our clients.

Dedicated Teams

Thanks to the support of the major banks, financial institutions and alternative lenders, we are able to assist countless SMEs to expand their business operations, raise funds for operational cashflow and plan for contingencies in a highly uncertain market economy.

Respect of the client needs and objective

We seek to give our SME clients a 5 star experience. We aim to be a dependable and trustworthy financing partner, where we cut out the hassle and make sourcing capital an easy experience.

Negotiation Power

We understand that cost of capital plays a vital role in the decision making process for every SME owner. We seek to find the cheapest financing option that is available to our clients, depending on their financial ability, timeline and business requirement.

Unbiased representation

We seek to remain unbiased in our work. We put our clients needs as our utmost priority, making sure that they get the most suitable financing option out there. We lay down the pros and cons for each facility where clients can choose which option suits them best.

Let’s Get In Touch

Feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you for a chat at no cost and obligation to you.